Yorgjin Oxo: The Man

Yorgjin Oxo: The Man  by Thomas Crowe

Following the death of his Uncle Quagmire, Yorgjin Oxo sets out to save his fellow Marshlanders from the scheming Simeon. A zany, picaresque, Christmas show.

2005 World Premiere in Co-Production with Theatre 503

Four Stars **** Time Out Critic’s Choice

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Cast –  Tom Hiddleston, Kate Donmall, Dari Ingolfsson, Sean Carrigan

Director – Alex Clifton

Design – Alice Walkling


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December 2005

Theatre 503, London  (three week run )


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Four Stars **** Time Out & Guardian Unlimited

” The production revels in the power of suggestion and pulls it off brilliantly…delivered with imagination and charm…assisted by a lithe, energetic physical performer in Tom Hiddleston”  Benjamin Davis, Time Out Critics Choice. 

“This play is wilfully bizarre…yet the beautiful strangeness of the piece completely won me over, aided by a quite outstanding central performance by Tom Hiddleston as the innocent hero Yorgjin…the imaginative power cannot be doubted…a gamble that paid off quite magnificently” Alistair Smith – The Stage

“A ripping adventure yarn…Yorgjin’s innocence is a kind of enchantment…Tom Hiddlestone radiates optimism in the central role:it’s a euphoria-inducing performance, as he grows up before our eyes and inadvertently becomes a hero.  There’s flavour and salt to Thomas Crowe’s script and his generous characterisations ensure that good and evil aren’t direct opposites here. Played in the round with the audience seated on bales of hay, Alex Clifton’s ingenious production barrels along.  The show blends grief and happiness and its hopeful spirit is irresistible”  Guardian Unlimited “Best things to see Beyond London’s West End.



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