The Ministry of Pleasure

The Ministry of Pleasure by Craig Baxter

Amid the splendours and pretensions of the royal court, the Earl of Rochester impresses Charles II with his irreverence and plain speech. So much so, that the monarch gives him the task of creating a ‘ministry of pleasure’, thus liberating him to tour the country in search of all manner of delights.

An epic of a piece, featuring some of Rochester’s most infamous poems, The Ministry of Pleasure combines sex with science, passion with politics and lashings of bawdy humour.

2004 World Premiere – Co-produced with The Latchmere Theatre, London (now Theatre 503) and Shadow of an Eye


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Cast: Neil Summerville, Martin Delaney, Charlotte Fields, Robert Gillespie, Amy Humphreys and Sean Patterson.

Director – Stuart Mullins

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June 2004

Theatre 503, London (three week run)

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“Craig Baxter’s play hails from the britches-and-jerkin school of drama, giving us the sorry tale of John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester, who was made minister of pleasure at the court of not-so-merry monarch Charles II. It may not always avoid all Carry on Charlie comparisons, but it is intelligent, ambitious and accomplished and entertaining ” The Guardian


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