We are not currently accepting scripts for consideration.

Pursued by a Bear’s dramaturgical services have assisted writers and companies in the development of new  scripts.

Clients in 2016 included:

New Writing South and writer Samreen Faria

Kali Theatre and writer Veronica Dewan

Previous writers/organisations include:  Matilda Ibini (Burnt Out Theatre) whose play MUSCOVADO won the 2015 Alfred Fagon Audience Award; Gail Louw, Joe Hammond (New Writing South); Veronica Dewan, Mahsuda Snaith (Kali Theatre);  Bettina Gracias (Soho Theatre);  Callum Graham (No Strings Attached); Michael McMillan (GLYPT); Azma Dar (Images of Elsewhere); Philip Dart (Channel Theatre); Matthew Wilkie,  Sean Tyler (Farnham Maltings).

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