After our premiere at South Mill Arts Centre on 8 March (International Women’s Day) we toured throughout Hertfordshire and also visited Surrey and Dorset before final performances in London.

We’ve greatly enjoyed meeting and engaging with audiences. And we do look forward to hearing responses.

Production Resources

Short evaluation report

Programme (freesheet)

Our tour record is available here.

Funders and History

This has been possible due to funding received from Arts Council England. If you can support us too we’d be very grateful.

We’ve been developing Nothing on Earth since 2018 with many wonderful Hertfordshire partners. Have a look at our R&D here.

During the pandemic we widened the world of Nothing on Earth with a series of short films – all of which are still available, together with an extensive and enjoyable blog and Artistic Director Rosamunde Hutt’s ebook.

“Just stuff everything in the bloody bag and get out of here!

The mule is leaving NOW!”

There’s a room in the care home that no one goes into. Jade, once high-flying cabin crew, now, brought down to earth, working as a carer, steps across the threshold. Voices from adventure’s golden age surround her: women who flew Spitfires, crossed continents in pursuit of Chairman Mao, parachuted out of rickety hot air balloons, shouted ‘No Surrender’. Long forgotten stories tell themselves. The voices of pioneering women ring around the room. What’s going on?

Anna Reynolds’ writing uses the stories of Watford adventurer Violet Cressy Fisher Marcks (1895-1970), Potters Bar Edwardian balloonist Elizabeth ‘Dolly’ Shepherd (1886- 1983) and Knebworth Suffragette Constance Lytton (1869- 1923) to weave a time-travelling, funny and moving exploration of female experiences.

Our production will include beautiful a cappella music by Helen Chadwick an internationally renowned vocal composer and champion of inclusive choirs.

‘(The music) was so powerful the way it emerged and grew and enfolded the characters and us in subtle yet deep ways’. Audience member

Nothing on Earth is inspired by Hertfordshire’s Hidden Heroines.