All Fall Away

 All Fall Away by Said Sayrafiezadeh

Set at Christmas, poverty stricken Samantha, an immigrant and single mother struggles to find food for her autistic child and avoid eviction from her flat. Playwright Said Sayrafrezadeh is of mixed race Jewish American/Iranian parentage. Much of his work reflects the complexities of his dual ethnicity. He lives and works in New York City.

2003 World Premiere produced in association with Stockpot Productions & Theatre 503

Four Star **** Critic’s Choice – The Times & The Guardian

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Cast – Tanya Franks, Lindon Alexander, Liza Hayden & Peter Adams

Director – Stuart Mullins

Puppetry – Seong Kyun Yoo

Design – Polly Laurence

Visual Artist – Andrew Burgess

Light – Phil Hewitt

Sound – Simon McCorry

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Theatre 503, London ( three week run – November/December 2003)


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Four Stars ****  The Times, The Guardian

“Said Sayrafiezadeh’s first play is an exquisite shoestring tragedy about poverty, the insane courage of people who have nothing and the immigrant experience.  A dream like intensity..this quiet play has a simple ruthless poetry that knocks insistently at your heart and demands entrance…deeply involving in a superb production, at the centre of which is Tanya Franks’s shining Samantha – gloriously human in her courage and determination”  Lyn Gardner – The Guardian

” A slow burner of poetic intensity..a fine cast, at the centre is Tanya Franks’s Samantha …a touching, terrific performance…poetry in emotion” Ian Johns – The Times

“Unmistakeably the work of a poet…Mood is everything in this lovingly constructed piece of theatre. The shifting lighting, occasional moments of slow motion magic and the eyrie movement of the puppet-boy Henry (manipulated with soul by Seong Kyn Yoo) make the Brooklyn flat a place of magic that fits the Christmas setting. Tanya Franks invests Samantha with vulnerable confidence and beautiful wholesomeness…Just lovely…” Kieron Quirke – Time Out

“High quality performances in Stuart Mullins well directed production, with fine support from Lindon Alexander and Liza Hayden”  Jewish Chronicle 


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